A faster, cleaner shine!
The Ultimate Car Wash Experience - How does it work?
1 - Join Our Wash Club

Our Unlimited Wash Club features memberships crafted for all budgets & needs that can be used at any location in Virginia or Maryland. The program allows members to wash their vehicle every single day, weather permitting. There are no contracts or cancellation fees & the program pays for itself in just 2 washes!

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2 - Swing By One of Our Locations

We operate over 30 locations in the Virginia, Maryland and DC regions. Click below to find your closest Flagship location.

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3 - Get Back On The Road

Your time is important to us. We offer both full-service (exterior & interior) and express (exterior only) locations so you can get the wash you need & get back on the road driving the cleanest, shiniest vehicle in no time.

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DMV's Best Car Wash Experience

DMV's Best Car Wash

Drive-on, flat-belt conveyors make Flagship Carwash safe for exotics, dual tires & lowered vehicles. Our technology and equipment provides a cleaner, drier, shinier car...faster than ever and our soft-touch equipment is gentle for all finishes. With unlimited membership packages starting at just $26.99 and exceptional service provided by our dedicated crew-members, the Flagship Experience is unlike any other.

What Makes Flagship

What Makes Flagship Different?


Our best-in-class car washes represent a new era in technology-driven car care.

  • Drive-on flat-belt conveyors are safe for exotics, dual tires & lowered vehicles

  • Soft-cloth & touch-free dryers are gentle on all finishes

  • Efficient, time-sensitive cleaning

  • Reclaimed Water Management systems save over 125,000 gallons of water per year

Cutting-Edge Technology
Peerless Attention to Detail

Peerless Attention To

Our crew is dedicated to making sure every vehicle is perfect - 100% of the time. CLEAN. DRY. SHINY. FAST. is our motto, so from the car washing agents to vacuuming, we strive to demonstrate complete concern for all details of cleaning your vehicle, no matter how small.



With over 30 locations in the Virginia, Maryland & D.C. area, no matter where you're headed, you're not far from a Flagship location. Plus we have both Full-Service & Express locations so you can get the service you need in under 20 minutes!

Convenient Locations
Unsurpassed Value


We offer multiple car wash packages and unlimited membership plans that have been crafted for all budgets and needs...at over 30 locations in the DMV region. Our unlimited membership plans pay for themselves in just 2 washes and you can wash your vehicle every day at any Virginia & Maryland location!