Rockville Car Wash Services

Full Service

Full Service Brushless Wash

Client exits vehicle, Flagship professionals vacuum interior, send through ultra modern 100% Soft Cloth Flagship tunnel, towel dry, wipe down console & clean interior windows.

1. Flagship Ultra Clear Coat $4
2. Flagship Wheel Brightener $3
3. High Pressure Under Body Wash $3
4. Flagship Poly Gloss Protectant $5
5. Flagship Tire Shine $3

Daily Savings
Wash Packages

Flagship Super Wash
Full Service Wash Plus 1 & 3
Save $5.00!
Flagship Ultimate Wash
$20 .95
Full Service Wash Plus 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
Save $14.00!
Add RainX For $4
Wash Information

Exterior Express Brushless Washing Available only at the Chapman Avenue / North Bethesda location.

Prices may vary according to location.

Oversize charges apply to vans, minivans, SUV's, large vehicles - see manager for list.

Extra dirty cars will be charged accordingly.

Maryland Locations

Rockville, MD
785 Hungerford Drive
North Bethesda, MD
2100 Chapman Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD
87 Bureau Drive
Germantown, MD
11620 Middlebrook Road