We are a "Certified" level LEED's building. All products were manufactured within 150 miles of our building to cut down on the pollution caused by the transportation of materials. Many of the items used in the construction were made from recycled materials. All of our Glass is Designed not to allow light pollution, as well as stop heat from transferring into the building, preventing us from using more elec. in the summer to cool the interior of the building.

To reduce our electric consumption we utilize many hydraulic pumps rather than elec. motors to run much of our equipment. Our facility is 42% more energy efficient than the average car wash. Our reclaim system is the most current state of the art equipment, and one of the largest in the country. Run at full capacity, we can save over 64 million gallons of water each year, and purify it to a point that it is cleaner than the average tap water you drink at your house.


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